Myths about Smart Phones

You may be the tech fan and a geek or a grandpa that just got a new device for his birthday – and there are many things you might not know about the fancy gadget you are holding in front of you. There is a lot of things the phones are capable of doing, and many of their features are drowned in the sea of information, so we’ve got some of the lesser known ones and put them in a neat little list for your convenience.

Emergency dialer – you might have noticed this one, if your phone has some of the special locking options enabled. When you try to unlock a phone and fail, you can still see the keyboard and the message “For emergency calls only” may appear. This is a great thing to know if ever, God forbid, you come into the chance of actually needing it. The emergency number 112 can be dialed from any phone no matter what your credit status is. Also, if there is no network in your area, chances are that emergency call from your phone will still be made. Neat, right?

keys-locked-in-carCar keys – if it ever happened to you that you locked your car keys inside the car, you know what the pain is. And if you own one of those distance unlocking devices on your key chain, this is where phones come in handy. If your other pair is at home, for example, you might call someone at home and have them open the doors for you remotely. Phone will transmit the signal and do a little magic and open the doors of your car no matter how far you are. We tried it, and it worked. You may try it yourself.

Special battery – There is a special reserve in your phone that can be used if you know a special little trick – dial *101# and restart your phone. Upon waking, your device will have 20% more battery in it, enabling you to get that job finished, get home or finish a movie.

411 – companies are charging your status check every time you use it, and there is a way to stop it. All you need to do is type in a prefix with your state code and then FREE in digits: 3733. This will enable you to check your balance and the company will never know or charge you. Fees go up to $1.75 per checkup and on a monthly scale that can get pretty expensive.

Are these myths true or false? All the things stated above are myths, they are false and they are lies. So, why did we write it down? Because, now you know what the lies look like. There is no special code to charge your phone just like there is no way to open car via phone signal. Some of the myths going around are fun and games but some of them are dangerous and you need to be aware that people are sometimes trying to scam you. Never enter strange codes as they can actually damage your phone or your info security.