What Your Tablet or SmartPhone Can Do for You

Many people get a great new tablet or smart phone, but aren’t aware of all that these devices can do for them. So here are just of few of the many things these new devices can do for you.
If you got a shiny new smart phone or tablet this year, you have probably already set up the email, surfed the Web, and watched a few videos. Now it’s time to go a little further.

Use Voice Recognition:
Many of today’s devices have built-in voice recognition. To see if your device has this capability, just start a text or email to get up the on-screen keyboard. Then look for a small microphone icon near, or in, the text entry box. Press that icon and start talking. When you stop talking or press Done, your message will automatically be turned into text. Over the years, voice recognition has become quite good. You don’t have to sample your voice or do any special tricks. Just start talking. In most cases, the transcription is quite good. If your device makes a mistake, you can correct it with the on-screen keyboard. If you are using a smart phone, this is marvelous for texting. No thumb-typing. Just speak your message and send.

Read books:
Reading books on a phone is a bit cumbersome, but reading on a tablet is wonderful. Some devices like the Apple iPhone and iPad and Kindle Fire have their own brand of book readers pre-installed. However, just about every device lets you download a Kindle or Nook e-book app so you can read books you purchase from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Purchase the e-books right on the tablet and they appear like magic on your device. They are easy to read and offer things like quick page turning and the ability to add notes, look up words, change text size, and highlight passages.

Benefits of using a Powerbank

I love playing my favorite game at night when I hit the bed. It’s an amazing feeling to crush candies while you are on the journey to sweet slumber. But it annoys me when I realize my phone’s battery level is low. And believe me, I hate getting off my comfy bed to put my phone on charge. Does it happen to you too? If yes then you must know some tricks that I applied. If you notice that the battery level of your phone is low and you want to use it for an hour before you sleep then you should reduce the screen brightness. It will help to save battery for some time. However, it is a temporary solution. If you are looking for a permanent solution that will solve your problem then you should try a power bank. They are portable and you can carry them anywhere you go – including your bed. Get one right away!

COM-PAD Powerbank 3000 black

Become a news hound:
If you are used to getting your news on the television, in the newspaper, or on the computer, you will find a tablet or smartphone presents news in an all new way. You can check out the Pilot or your other favorite newspapers online in with device’s web browser. Some papers, like the Wall Street Journal and USA today also have apps that you can download. But the most fun might be to use an app that aggregates the news for you. Flipboard and Pulse are just two of the apps that let you view and customize and see the news in new and different ways.

Check out the magazines:
Viewing magazines on a tablet or smart phone can be a whole new experience. Many have additional photography. Some even have added video and other interactive features. Many magazines offer the digital version free if you subscribe to their print magazine. Although the content of the tablet version may be the same as the print version, digital will give you a different perspective that is definitely worth checking out.

Snap pictures everywhere:
Some of the newer tablets and especially smart phones, have fantastic cameras. Most are also capable of capturing movies, as well. Many have in-camera processing. For instance, the iPhone 5 will snap an HDR picture or a panoramic picture with the press of one button. The results are spectacular. So try out the camera and be sure to investigate the filters, red-eye reduction, and other extras that are available. Also remember that if your device has a front-facing camera you can install the Skype app and video call your friends and family over the Internet right from your device.


Become a gamer:
If you haven’t yet dipped your toe into the world of gaming, now is the time. There are plenty of fast-paced shoot-em-up games, but there are also many more sedate games like Solitaire, Words with Friends (think Scrabble) and others. If you have yet tried Angry Birds, you will want to see what that is all about, as well. On most devices Angry Birds, Solitaire, and others are free apps. In fact all the portable devices have a wide array of free games to try.

Top 5 gaming Smartphones

Watch Television without a TV:
What! Why would you want to watch television on a tablet or other portable device? Well, perhaps you want to watch your favorite show while you dabble in your garage workshop or when you are sick in bed in the spare bedroom. Not only are there apps for ABC and other networks, but you can also join Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu where you can access both TV shows and movies. Devices that have HDMI ports like the Amazon Fire HD, will also allow you to hook your device up to your big screen TV and watch content from your device on your big screen. Alternatively, many satellite and cable TV providers like Dish, Direct TV, and Time Warner have apps that will allow you to watch anything from your DVR or television on your tablet or cell phone in your home, even if your TV is not on.

These are just a few of the things that you can do with your tablet or smart phone. If you get through these, remember that tablets and smart phones excel at playing music. They give you quick access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They let you look around the world through Google Earth and other apps. Oh, and if you are still trying to stick to your New Year resolutions, your portable device will also help you get organized (Evernote is a free app for doing just that) and it will also help you get fit (Check out Lose It! and Striiv, both free apps).

So what are you waiting for? Checking out the many features of your mobile device can be fun!

Myths about Smart Phones

You may be the tech fan and a geek or a grandpa that just got a new device for his birthday – and there are many things you might not know about the fancy gadget you are holding in front of you. There is a lot of things the phones are capable of doing, and many of their features are drowned in the sea of information, so we’ve got some of the lesser known ones and put them in a neat little list for your convenience.

Emergency dialer – you might have noticed this one, if your phone has some of the special locking options enabled. When you try to unlock a phone and fail, you can still see the keyboard and the message “For emergency calls only” may appear. This is a great thing to know if ever, God forbid, you come into the chance of actually needing it. The emergency number 112 can be dialed from any phone no matter what your credit status is. Also, if there is no network in your area, chances are that emergency call from your phone will still be made. Neat, right?

keys-locked-in-carCar keys – if it ever happened to you that you locked your car keys inside the car, you know what the pain is. And if you own one of those distance unlocking devices on your key chain, this is where phones come in handy. If your other pair is at home, for example, you might call someone at home and have them open the doors for you remotely. Phone will transmit the signal and do a little magic and open the doors of your car no matter how far you are. We tried it, and it worked. You may try it yourself.

Special battery – There is a special reserve in your phone that can be used if you know a special little trick – dial *101# and restart your phone. Upon waking, your device will have 20% more battery in it, enabling you to get that job finished, get home or finish a movie.

411 – companies are charging your status check every time you use it, and there is a way to stop it. All you need to do is type in a prefix with your state code and then FREE in digits: 3733. This will enable you to check your balance and the company will never know or charge you. Fees go up to $1.75 per checkup and on a monthly scale that can get pretty expensive.

Are these myths true or false? All the things stated above are myths, they are false and they are lies. So, why did we write it down? Because, now you know what the lies look like. There is no special code to charge your phone just like there is no way to open car via phone signal. Some of the myths going around are fun and games but some of them are dangerous and you need to be aware that people are sometimes trying to scam you. Never enter strange codes as they can actually damage your phone or your info security.


Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400 mAh Review

The Mi Power Bank 10400mAh is getting popular with many people nowadays. This product is handy and can charge your smartphone, tablet, iPad, and even your iPhone. Photographers, travellers and more smartphone users are getting benefited by this product. Mi Powerbank is an official product of Xiaomi. This power bank is easy to use and it is perfectly handy. In this article, I will tell you my experiences with Mi Power Bank 10400mAh.

Packaging & Delivery of the Product (From My Side)

I bought this product through Indian e-commerce retailer Flipkart. I received this product within two days from the date of order. This product came with a nice packaging, that can withstand high-level drops and hard pressures. It was packed with a bubble wrap and air filled covers that can resist the damage to the product.


What’s in the box?

I heard about many fake Mi Power Banks and I hope this will be a good way to find whether your power bank is genuine or a fake one. If you see a golden colored hologram sticker on your power bank’s box, then it is a genuine one.

The box contains:

  • Mi Power Bank 10400mAh.
  • User Manual.
  • Charger Cable.

Mi Power Bank doesn’t come with a hard case or rubberized case.



Mi Power Bank 10400mAh is easy to handle and fits in the hand very comfortably. It is made of anodized aluminum shell which feels good and cold when you hold it in your hand. It contains 4 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery cells that can recharge up to 5 hours to 12 hours. The weight of this product is about 250 grams. It is perfectly portable. You can take it in your backpack and travel all around.

There are 4 LED lights in this power bank. They indicate the battery level of the power bank. Four LEDs at the same time indicate 100% battery level/capacity. Three LEDs at the same time indicate 75% battery capacity, two LEDs at the same time indicate 50% battery capacity and if one LED blinks, then it indicates 25% battery capacity.


Supported Mobiles and Gadgets

I have tested Mi Power Bank 10400mAh on my Moto E, Nikon S3200 CoolPix Digital Camera and Nokia 225 mobile. With this power bank, I can charge my Moto E fully for 5 times. My Nikon CoolPix S3200 uses EN-EL19 Lithium – Ion Battery which has a rated power capacity of 700mAh and this power bank can charge that battery 14 times. Nokia 225 mobile can be charged 9 times. Most of the smartphones which have micro USB ports can be benefitted with this.